21 October 2016

Summary of the Hope saga 2012 - 2016

I was looking through forgotten blogs when I realized that the Hope story died out long before it came to an end. I shall try to bring it up to date.   I think hope should be renamed Hopeless.   Hope turned out to be a He and since he torn his wing, we renamed him Vlerkie.
To cut a long story short, we relocated while Hope was still being hand-fed.   We moved to the country and Hope adjusted very well to his new environment.  He hated his cage and wanted to sit on our shoulders all the time.
We got so used to him sitting there, that we forgot about him, and one day when I went outside, he got a fright and flew away.
He tried to get into neighbor's homes, but they chased him away.  He tried to sit on people's heads and they shooed him away.   He was taken to another town by someone, who released him.  Later he was found half dead by someone who kept him in a cage with other birds.
One very windy day, two birds arrived in our yard.   It was clear that one of them did not know how to settle in a tree and tried to find somewhere to sleep inside a store room.  The bird loved our cat like Hope used to.
I tried to catch him but he flew into a bush.
I could not find him and thought he must have flown away, but two days later I saw him sitting under the same bush with a very badly torn wing.
I tried to patch his wing up but he just pecked  all attempts to stabilize into a tangled mess.
At the same time, a neighbor gave me a nestling who was blown out of the nest by the same bird who blew Hope back to our town.
Hope's mate was hanging around the cage for a long time until she died from and injury one night.
Hope and the other bird eventually paired.   We named the other bird Nessie.
Because both my caged doves were abandoned, they only fed their only chick for a while and when we found the chick dead in the cage one day we discovered that he was starving to death.
I think, trying to save baby birds can be a very sad story.
We still have Hope with the torn wing (He can not fly at all) and Nessie who really wants to fly.
I am not sure how this story is going to end, but it hurts me to see them in the cage.
Hope was a happy little bird while he interacted with us, but he lost his trust for humans while he was lost.
Nessie was never free.





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